See which SVN user editted which line

This is one quite cool trick where you can see which edit’s were done to a file by which user:
Issue the following command on a file which is checked in to SVN:

svn blame filename

Which will output the following syntax:

revision <tab> username <tab> line in filecontents

Please look at this example :

21672 jvisscher   declare namespace urn = "namespace:customer:v01";
21672 jvisscher   declare namespace urn1 ="namespace:customer:v01";
21673 mycolleague declare namespace urn2 = "namespace:v01";
21673 mycolleague declare namespace urn3 = "namespace:v01";
21674 mycolleague declare namespace urn4 = "namespace:v01";

Awesome! Now I can quickly see that my colleague was the cause of my failing namespace!
As a sidenote: I really like the function’s name, because most of the time, you’re looking to blame someone 😉

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