Oracle Database 11gR2, quick and easy

It’s been a while since the last article and I just found myself being enthousiastic about a neat Oracle hands on again. So while it’s downloading I might as well tell you guys about it.
Last year I have been working with Oracle XE a lot, but some features are not available in the express edition (XE), so some queries might not run as expected or simply don’t run at all. Oracle has a VM ware image, which provides a really nice solution for this problem:
They have created a database application environment inside a Virtualbox VM image, with the following specifications:

  • Oracle Linux 5
  • Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Cache
  • Oracle XML DB
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
  • Oracle Application Express
  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • Hands-On-Labs (accessed via the Toolbar Menu in Firefox)

So if you’re looking for a nimble way to quickly run a OraDB on your laptop, without the hassle of installing all these components, this might just be what you’re looking for.
You can download the Oracle Developer Days 11g DB image here:
The only prerequisite is that you have Oracle Virtualbox installed on your machine;
But this is easily installed via this link
In the coming days I will post another article, which will describe a neat way of connecting to this database!
The original article can be found here:

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