Welcome to my site

Superhero Ninja is an initiative I’ve started in September 2018, it was my own company, meant to empower engineers and to find smarter, cleaner and more beautiful solutions to common problems.

Starting my own company was not a (financial) success, yet I kept this domain name and this this WordPress site, as it contains small snippets of code and tips in the form of blog posts, which might help you on your way.

Why Superhero Ninja?

The next part might sound super geeky but I’ve always wanted to feel like a superhero. Being an engineer makes me feel like I can have superpowers. Your spider sense will tingle when you see ugly code and we can change thousands of systems with the press of a button.

With that in mind it feels like Spiderman, when Uncle Ben told Peter Parker:

”With great power comes great responsibility.”

You can solve big problems with code and with that code you can positively impact lives every day. On the other hand, mistakes can have big consequences. When coded correctly our work helps organisations run more efficiently and effectively.


Most engineers are already ninjas, often solving problems before they come to attention. IT engineers are often working in the shadows, on our best when we’re being invisible and unnoticed.

Yet if you know where to look, our actions are very present.

Superhero Ninja

In the end, I hope the solutions posted on this site can help people write code smarter, safer and more responsibly. And I hope that will make us all feel a bit more like superhero ninjas.

This site’s name is basically a big high five to all engineers, geeks, nerds and alike, be that superhero ninja!


Linux command line task management with jobs, BG, FG and nohup – multitasking

Often I see people waiting while their command is executing, impatiently tapping their desk until a file copy or command has finished. They are often amazed when I show them that the Linux command line has a way of sending pending commands to the background, so you can continue on another task. Below is a …

VMWare Hardware Virtualization is not a feature of the CPU HP Proliant Microserver Gen10 Plus v2

For a while I’ve been postponing enabling Virtualization on my new microserver. But this weekend my wife was visiting her parents and I already watched all the series I wanted to, so no more procrastination! Yet when I started, my HP Proliant Microserver showed this warning during the installation of VMWare ESXi VSphere: <HARDWARE_VIRTUALIZATION WARNING: …

About me

Joris Visscher

I am working as a solution architect in the Netherlands. I’ve been working in IT since 2001 as a Unix and Windows systems and network administrator. I’ve worked with Oracle Middleware software since 2009. Started dabbling with Apache Kafka in 2016 and worked with API platforms since 2018. My background, scope and mindset is mostly integration related.

During those years I’ve programmed in Java, Bash and Python as well. Cue the flamewars that Python is not programming (which is why I put Bash in there as well 🔥)

To be honest, I have no idea if I’m good at these things, I don’t really care too much. I care most that it interests me, that I’m having a good time working on it with fun people and perhaps if it is worth pursuing.

At work I’m mostly working with Red Hat Linux servers which run some kind of application server software. I don’t like the versioning in Red Hat their package management, so at home I’m more playing around with Ubuntu Linux. I’ve been using OG Warty Ubuntu since 2004 with small de-tours on OSX (too slick), Gentoo (too much compilation) and Fedora (noped on the package management) I keep coming back to Ubuntu and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Update 2022: OMG I’m on a Mac! (Who would have thought that could happen)

My hobbies are travelling, swimming, cycling and ice skating, or simply having a good time with friends.

I don’t tend to understand social media, which is amusing to my friends and colleagues. This format feels more fitting for the stuff I share, I suspect this is probably caused by me turning in to an old person. I’m currently also more grey haired than the photo you see up here, but I still like the photo and you’d recognise me as the same person when we’d meet, so why fix it if it ain’t broken.


My LinkedIn Profile


Email: joris (at) superhero (dot) ninja