Why Superhero Ninja?

The next part might sound super geeky but I’ve always wanted to feel like a superhero. Being an engineer makes me feel like I can have superpowers. Your spider sense will tingle when you see ugly code and we can change thousands of systems with the press of a button.

With that in mind it feels like Spiderman, when Uncle Ben told Peter Parker:

”With great power comes great responsibility.”

You can solve big problems with code and with that code you can positively impact lives every day. On the other hand, mistakes can have big consequences. When coded correctly our work helps organisations run more efficiently and effectively.


Most engineers are already ninjas, often solving problems before they come to attention. IT engineers are often working in the shadows, on our best when we’re being invisible and unnoticed.

Yet if you know where to look, our actions are very present.

Superhero Ninja

In the end, I hope the solutions posted on this site can help people write code smarter, safer and more responsibly. And I hope that will make us all feel a bit more like superhero ninjas.

This site’s name is basically a big high five to all engineers, geeks, nerds and alike, be that superhero ninja!