Linux command line task management with jobs, BG, FG and nohup – multitasking

Often I see people waiting while their command is executing, impatiently tapping their desk until a file copy or command has finished.

They are often amazed when I show them that the Linux command line has a way of sending pending commands to the background, so you can continue on another task.

Below is a gif screencast which shows:

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(Web-safe) Fonts blurry/bad/jagged/vague in Chrome

Chrome based browsers (Edge/Vivaldi/etc) and Chrome itself are great. But the font smoothing on my Linux laptop (Pop!_Os / Ubuntu) is not great. This comes into play when you’re visiting pages with web or web-safe fonts.

Web(-safe) fonts allow Web designers to use fonts that are not installed on the viewer’s computer.

The edges of the fonts look a bit jagged and the edges are vague. This is quite annoying, since the fonts are rendered perfectly in all other applications.

After a whole lot of searching I finally found the solution (for me). YMMV (Your miles may vary)

Solution: Disable Hardware acceleration in settings

Go to settings by clicking the three dots and then select settings.

In the settings, search for hardware

(You can click this link to go there directly: chrome://settings/?search=hardware)
(If you use chrome, click here to go there directly: chrome://settings/?search=hardware)

Flip the switch next to Use hardware acceleration when available and click Relaunch

Wonderful! Click Relaunch to view beatifully rendered web fonts

After the relaunch my fonts were rendered perfect.


Hardware acceleration disabled, bask in the glory of clean fonts!
Hardware acceleration enabled, fonts edges are vague !