Fake SMTP server! Great for testing email / SMTP!

Often in projects you will be asked to send an email when an error occurs, or as a part of the functional process.
Unfortunatly it is sometimes a bit cumbersome to make sure you are not sending mail to real email addresses.. I’ve recently found a nice solution for this problem: a fake SMTP server!
This way, you only have to change the IP address on your SMTP endpoint instead of checking every emailaddress or disabling all the actual email functionality.
The application is called “FakeSMTP” (What’s in a name?) 🙂 and can be found through this link: http://nilhcem.github.com/FakeSMTP/index.html

Screenshot - FakeSMTP Main screen
Screenshot – FakeSMTP Main screen

As you can see in the screenshot, the program runs on the port you assign to it, acting as an email server with all the correct responses, with the only difference that it does not actually send out the emails. The emails are stored in a folder which you can specify. You can also double click on the message row in the program to open the email in your email client (in my case Outlook) which worked great for testing purposes.
I was quite pleased when I found this solution :-), hope it will help you guys too!